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Your company or office is going to move ... A new location with new chances, often even with new working methods. Which preparations need to be taken for a perfect move ? How do we plan this efficiently ? A move is more than just moving the items, it costs energy, attention and distracts you. De Vic can help you with this, with special attention to the operationality of your company.

Our project leader meets you on the spot in order to inventarize everything and to make the necessary agreements with you.

We are a recognized mover with excellent references since 45 years. We are specialised in office moving and take proud in our work.


Experience and craftsmanship

Larger companies can usually not afford losing time when moving, reorganizing or restructuring. These companies therefore rely on our many years of expertise to move their offices with an absolute minimum of nuisance.

By using a standard working method, which has certainly proved its value over the years, we succeed in moving offices faster and safer.

The secret of our success lies in a very precise preparation and planning in the weeks before the moving day. We perfectly know all the involved details, we can estimate a realistic timing and we are familiar with all the different desk brands.

Internal moves

Companies often have internal changes in their offices due to restructuring, reorganisations or staff changes. In such cases, internal moves between different services, departments or buildings are often necessary. Most companies don't have their own services for that, nor the right coordination skills. More and more companies are outsourcing such tasks to us.

First, our team will become familiar with the infrastructure of your building through a short training internship. They are then permanently at your disposal and can be deployed on simple request, even up to 6 hours in advance! We become your "in-house" mover.

Our movers are constantly trained in different furniture brands furniture and regularly follow courses on the technical aspects of different desk brands. We dismantle, move and assemble any office brand in no time.

Exceptional moves

We have ample experience in moving warehouses, archives, stock, machines, ... and we developed a special method for each type of move. We moved elephant Kai-Mook from the Antwerp Zoo to her new home in Planckendael (Mechelen). We have many decades of experience in moving (very) expensive art objects. In Brussels we work for the Belgian Royal Palace and several governmental institutions.

We have the in-house expertise to successfully complete every move. If you wish to request a quote, please fill in the boxes below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Moving companies are legally no longer allowed to provide in insurance products in name of the client.
The customer is fully responsible for the insurance of the goods, and can do this quickly and easily on www.verzekerjeverhuis.be, recognized by the Belgian Chamber of Movers (BKV).

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